June 18 2018

Thank you for everything you do! Matt Cutts = Unicorn! \

June 17 2018

The first and only time i met Matt, it was at Pubcon. He walked right up to me, stuck his hand out and said, "You are the single human with the most spam reports, Thank you. He only had to say one sentence... I knew he had been listening. Matt gave you the answer he thought you should hear. To help you. to encourage you, or to call you on your.. umm.. (thinking safe search here..) misunderstanding....

Matt asked what Chrome extension we wanted...
i said spam reporting?
a few weeks later..

Thanks Matt. again.

FYI.. i promise to make sure there is no fights over subdomains and subfolders at your funeral..


Matt may not answer everyone's questions.. but apparently mine were good enough to answer.. and Barry to write an article about the reply..

Barry becomes Danny, Danny became Matt.. or a Danny version of Matt.. Matt is a prime number..

God Bless you Matt.



June 16 2018

You re-tweeted my client's voicemail left by a seemingly drunk SEO salesman (back in 2012) and it went viral in the SEO community. That original video somehow got taken down, but it's back up now.

It's stuff like this that showed you have a great sense of humor.

I've always felt that you were the most emphatic of anyone at Google, and managed the balance between search quality and the SEO community better than anyone else did, or has since you left.

Danny, Gary and John et al are doing great, but they had pretty big shoes to fill.

June 15 2018

I am writing this part in third person because - well because :) Matt Cutts will always be a key figure in my development in this great still-new industry. Matt can only be described as a forefather of thousands of jobs throughout the world. His willingness to communicate cordially and helpfully with the entire international search community, and his drive to make Google Search a better thing for users, will always act as an inspiration to how I conduct myself in the industry. Personally, when Matt invited me and some others to the Googleplex in the 2007-ish time frame during SES San Jose for a discussion on what would eventually become the Canonical tag - and the weird werewolf game after :P - was one of the coolest experiences for me, and I still cherish having had the opportunity. Beyond the constant insights publicly shared, I recall the ""Matt Cutts silver bullets"" I would use carefully when emaling Matt directly - I called them silver bullets because I didn't want to email him too often so I only saved it for the most important client crises. What a cool guy that in his position he would answer to an email from lowly me, I still think. Also I know Matt had a lot to do with giving us the awesome Google Dances.

Matt: to you I want to say you always have a place to stay or an opinion that I will share, should you ever need anything from me in upstate NY. I wish you continued passion and a healing from your loss, and appreciate what you are doing to help our country in your current role. Nothing wrong with taking a sabbatical and making sure you are fully back into it - enjoy some of the things you enjoy. Hope to see you again one day. Chris

June 14 2018

I remember the first time I met Matt when he was not onstage. It was during a game of Werewolf back in the early days of Pubcon. If you were ever at those games, you will remember that the cards used has famous SEOs on them. That day Matt was Danny and Danny was Matt. We had a blast and I was amazed how accessible the main representative from Google was - noting I was pretty new to the industry.

However, it was not until we were walking out to the parking lot one night and having a quick exchange about Matt getting away to his hotel from the crowd following him that I would say he could pick me out of a crowd.

After that I always got a hello and a hug and if I had a particularly nasty client issue, like say one time when a client was suffering from proxy jacking, he always gave me the time to talk to him one-on-one.

Matt got a lot of flack from people as someone in his role does, but I always appreciated how incredibly helpful and accurate he was if you listened to the words he spoke, or more specifically the ones he did not.

Whenever I saw Matt in a large group of people I thought he should give lessons on how to handle speaking to crowds when you have to be very precise in your word choice. He was so brilliant at that. He might have 100 people around him, but always took the time to answer questions, thoughtfully and to the best of his ability.

In the days of very little update information from Google, I miss how much Matt made sure we knew what was happening with our websites and what we could expect to happen in the future. There were always warnings and explanations.

I also do think Matt appreciated what the SEO industry does to help Google and I always appreciated that he always tried to inform us the best he could, given the restraints of where he worked and what he represented.

I am currently doing presentations on Google Algo updates and I have a section that pays homage to the days when Matt was our guide to all that was Google and SEO. No negatives towards those who took his place, but it felt like the industry lost some of its flavor when Matt left the industry. Though I know what he is doing now is so very important, I used to work on the sites he is fixing. I do still miss his voice in our industry.

Matt felt like a friend, not just a person at Google. I will always be thankful for his voice, his help, his guidance, and his time.

I know right now is one of the hardest times in his life. I hope he knows how many of us are thinking about him and holding him in our hearts.